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VIDEO 1 - Alien interview Part 1
VIDEO 2 - Alien interview Part 2
VIDEO 3 - Alien interview Part 3

VIDEO 4 - Alien Interview - Talk with Alien ( This is an animated fictional work )

The big question is: Are the video's FAKE or NOT FAKE ...
On the bottom of this webpage you will find the answer ...

These professional made video's about an alien is a good example that more and more people
todays cant see anymore if something is REAL or NOT REAL. This is something of great concern.
Internet should not become one day a place where incorrect information, photo's and video's are
getting more and more the upperhand.
Maybe it's a good idea by forbidding to publish incorrect information, photo's and video's
on the internet if we don't want to lose our confidence in the internet.

Interview 1

I = Interrigator, A = Alien speaking

I : We recording?
I : State planet or origin.
A : Earth.

I : Yesterday you told us you traveled ...
I : ... and I quote ...
I : ... "Thousands of light years to get here."
A : Yes

I : Tell us the truth or (indiscernible).
A : It is truth.
A : I am from Earth.
A : From your future.
A : To travel in time is to travel in space.
A : Offset spacial divergence.

I : So i take it aliens took over our future? Right.
A : No.

I : So you're human.
A : An evolutionary descendant.

I : So you evolved from us?
A : Yes.

I : So what are you doing here? Now?
A : Observing.
A : Since evidence was destroyed.

I : How?
A : Nuclear...
A : ...war.
A : Small numbers survived.
A : Our ancestors.

I : Ok, so
I : How about we concentrate on your time.
A : You are not capable of comprehending...
A : ... or accepting ...
A : ... the discoveries of my time.

I : Try me.
A : The orgin of the universe...
A : ... the nature of so called life....
A : ... it is known.

I : So you know the meaning of life?
A : Not meaning. Nature.

I : What's the difference
A : Meaning is something that is ascribed.
A : Nature is the objective reality.

I : So you know how the universe is created?
A : Yes.

I : So you've seen God?
A : We evolved past a need for superstition.
A : The need for a God and other myths.

I : Illuminate us.
I : What happens when we die?
A : Death is a human construct.
A : It does not exist.
A : You will experience...
A : ... and have experienced.
A : ... every instance of so called life.
A : You. Me. Him.
A : We are instances of the same life.
A : Separated by what you call death.

I : So let met get this straight.
I : There's no death....
I : ... and we all experience each others lives?
A : In essence, yes.

I : Ok. So, how was the universe created and ...
I : ... why is it so perfectly made for us?
A : There are an infinite number of universes...
A : Each with different physical properties.
A : Virtually all do not support life...
A : ... such as you know it.
A : We exist in a universe that does support...
A : ... so called life.
A : That is all.

I : Moving on.
I : So why do we destroy ourselves with nuclear war?
A : Dogma.

I : Can you be more specific.
A : Political and religious dogma.
A : It is the root of all major conflict of your species.
A : In your next century...
A : ... access to weaponry of mass destruction...
A : ... by states that are ruled by dogma ...
A : ... will destroy your species.

I : Ok. One last thing.
I : What about morality?
I : What do you base your morality on?
A : Compassion and ...
A : ... evidence.

I : I see.
I : That's it. Thank you.

Interview 2

I : Can he speak? For a short while sir.
I : Are you scared of me?
I : Because you should be.
I : Ok go. You say you're from the future...
I : ... and evolutionary descendant of humans.
I : Yet you also say you're a different species.
I : So which one is it.
I : Are you a descendent of humans or not?
A : We are evolutionary descendants of Sapiens.
A : But we can no longer breed with your kind.
A : Therefore we are a new species.

I : Then how do you speak English?
I : Answer me.
I : If you don't answer. I'll administer...
I : ... another round of Scopolamine...
I : ... (Indiscernable) collapses. Do you understand?
I : How do you speak English?
A : Learning your language is essential...
A : ... to understanding your species.
I : So you just picked up English... just like that
I : ... because you're so smart?
A : Relatively, yes.
I : You said you know the orgin of the Universe...
I : ... but you did not provide an explanation.
I : So I ask you again. How was the Universe created?
I : So I ask you again. How was the Universe created?
A : You are not capable of comprehending or accepting...
A : ... the truths of existence.

I : Answer the question.
A : The Universe was not created.

I : But you can't create something out of nothing.
A : That is correct.

I : So there it is.
I : Only a creator can make something from nothing.
A : That is incorrect.
I : Wait. You just contradicted yourself.
A : Nothing, by definition, does not exist.
I : So?
A : Since nothing cannot exist...
A : ...what is left is existence.
A : Existence is infinite.
A : It has no end. No beginning.
A : And therefor no creator.

I : But you said there's an origin to the Universe.
A : Yes

I : There it is. I caught you in a lie.
A : This universe is not existence.
A : It is an infinitely small part of existence.

I : So now you're talking nonsense.
I : Again, how was the Universe created so miraculously?
A : This universe is a spontaneous event...
A : ... and inevitable within the eternity of existence.
A : Every event can, will, and has happened.
A : Including this universe.
A : There are an infinite number of universes.
A : Virtually all cannot harbor so-called life.
A : This universe is, by chance stable.
A : And has the occasional capacity to harbor so-called life.

I : So life 'just happened', right?
A : In this universe, yes.
A : Life, as you call it, is an inevitable consequence...
A : ... of this universe's physical properties.

I : So are you telling me we're just random?
A : Yes.
A : This universe is indifferent to so-called life.

I : How so?
A : Life on this and every world can be destroyed...
A : ... at any time by a multitude of random events.

I : Such as?
A : What you would term...
A : ...supernova...
A : flare...
A : ...astroid impact.

I : If it is not true, has someone made it known
And trying to deliver a message?

I : Or is he ignorant and trying to mislead?

I : So the Universe doesn't care if we live or die?
A : Correct.

I : I don't believe that for a second...
I : ...we're more than just random.
A : As I said, you are not capable of accepting...
A : ...the truths of existence.

I : So if we're just 'random'...
I : ...then there's no meaning to the Universe.
A : That is correct.
I : So if there's no meaning in the Universe...
I : ...then what's the point of living?
A : There is meaning.

I : You just contradicted yourself again.
A : Meaning lives in the mind.
I : No, no, no
I : You can't live a full life...
I : You can't live a life at all if you think...
I : ...that meaning is somehow made up.
A : Your species conjures meaning...
A : ...but operates under the false belief...
A : ...that meaning is a mystical plan.
A : This is not.

I : So what is meaning?
A : Meaning is what you make it.

I : Moving on.
I : You say we humans will die as a species.
I : So tell me...
I : ...when does the nuclear war start?

The film is NOT REAL ... and made by Meni Tsirbas ...
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The big problem nowadays is that NOT REAL photo's and video's can be made so
real looking, using photoshopping and computer graphics, that there is no difference anymore in NOT REAL and REAL photo's and video's.
That's quite a very bad development. More and more people don't know what to believe anymore.
Maybe, some day, there comes a time that publishing NOT REAL photo's and video's on the internet will be forbidden, unless it's stated
that is is not real and fake.

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